Trooper Fights Paramedics With Patient Still In Ambulance (VIDEO)

Oh gee, I can hear it now, “We were stressed”.  Cops pulling the “I’m stressed from dealing with the dregs of society” card? That never happens.

Hey, I’ve been dealing with jerks, idiots and @ssholes all my life and I’m just talking about relatives. If I went and put a choke hold on somebody, I would expect to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, it should be no different for the officers involved in this nonsense.

Everybody should make sure they’re packing something that can create video so in the event that you get pulled over by “Officer Friendly”, you can get that arsewhippin’ on tape so Keith Obermann can have proper footage to add to his Worse Persons In The World segment.
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Harpo, Who Dis?

When I first saw this picture,  I thought to myself, “Somebody is a little bit overdressed for the Saturday Fish Fry down at the Elks Lodge and they gonna get Louisiana Hot Sause all over them silk suits they got BOGO from K-Momo“.

Turns out that the truth is much, MUCH stranger than fiction.

America, meet Tank Jones and Rex Butler, the personal “Private Detective” and lawyer/publicist/hype man of the Justin Timberlake Of Russian America:

What the trendy White Trash Gangsta will be flossin' dis Poon Huntin' Season

Levi “Holla At Yo Baby Daddy” Johnston.,0.jpg

Yeah, that Levi Johnston.

I’m hatin’ mad at the fact that Levi The Lover got a entourage.  I blame Marky Mark for this.  I guess he need backup to beat all them Cougars offa him.  It’s no real big secret that Levi’s the “other white meat” of choice for the MILF Crowd.

And I don’t want to hear nobody ever tell me that Negroes aren’t adaptable, okay?  Them brothas pimpin’ hard and they ain’t nowhere near the boogie down Bronx or Compton.  Brothas and sistas will go ANYWHERE, okay?

There is no truth to the rumor that these three are going to start a band called Levi & The Land Of The Midnight Sun Band singing their big hit, “I Smashed The Governor’s Daughter So Good(She Done Swore Off Other Eskimos)” a duet with Rihanna.

Thanks to my Earth-3 Baby Momma, Danielle Belton, over @ The Black Snob for the hook up (and making me laugh out loud).

Pop Culture Irony/Rihanna in ‘Bodyguard’ Remake?


So I guess those rumors about Rihanna in ‘Bodyguard’ Remake aren’t rumors anymore.

A source told the New York Daily News: “Rihanna will start filming ‘Personal Protection’ later this year.


hey, I’m just saying that it’s kinda ironic.  Okay, I’m leaving it alone.  Besides, Chris says “he ain’t a monster” (he obviously “ain’t” a Rhodes Scholar like Myron Rolle, either.)

Tell it to the judge, son.

And he’s officially back on the scene doing the damn thing and hangin’ out with his boys, POSSE UP:

Sup yall

Sup y'all

Of course, not everyone is pleased about this:

For months, no one (well, except that jackass T.I.) would even comment on the fact that Chris Brown allegedly beat Rihanna to an unconscious, bloody pulp.

But now he’s all over the celebrity scene, like the whole thing never happened.

Dude still hasn’t apologized or even shown the decency to lay low until his felony case is settled in court. Nice to see him welcomed back with open arms.

I get that, I get the anger…

I really do.

I wouldn’t think that one had to be a Rhodes Scholar to know better than to start showing up in youtube videos, posing and flossin’ with your celeb friends a few weeks before your trial would be the brightest thing to do, but look at how well it worked out for “that jackass T.I.”

Dude got busted for unregistered guns or something, hell I don’t even remember what it was for now.  But I do know this:

Packin more heat than Homeland Security

Packin' more heat than Homeland Security

T.I. parlayed some serious jail time and 1,000 hours of “community service” into a MTV reality show, stretched out him actually going to prison into the longest GOODBYE, I’M GOING TO JAIL YALL party/concert tour ever and emerged as Role Model™ for the kids on top of getting paid. 

In the process, he also changed the way black entertainers/atheletes deal with negative publicity. 

So, as much as I hate to say this, maybe Chris Brown is on to something by just coming out , show his fans some love and getting back into that impressionable black youth thing that he was all about before he started whooping ass.   Because, as T.I. has proven, it doesn’t take much for fans to forgive and forget

T.I. must have though his ass was John Connor with this Terminator Killing Gun

T.I. must have though his ass was John Connor with this Terminator Killing Gun

We’ll see Brown workin’ it T.I. style over the next few weeks. We’ll see. 

Mark your calendars, kids.  June 22nd will be the day the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY, UM…THIS YEAR SO FAR will jump off and start the, much needed, debate about Domestic Violence/Abuse again.

Shame it takes some celebrity getting their ass kicked before people really talk about this but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

101 Signs Of The Apocalypse #411/Cell Phone Elbow & Blackberry Thumb

From the people who brought you ADD, ADHD, PMDD (as if PMS wasn’t enough) and the XFL:

Oh my, could this describe the misery that you’ve been going through, my friend?

It may begin with aching, tingling, numbness, or burning in your hand, forearm, and elbow. Perhaps the elbow pain and other symptoms seem worse when you’re talking on your cellphone (When talking on a cellphone without a headset, the elbow is usually held in an unnatural, flexed position, at an angle greater than 90 degrees) or using a computer. The symptoms may indicate cubital tunnel syndrome, also referred to as “cellphone elbow.” It’s a problem that doctors say they’re seeing more of as people become more reliant on technology, including cellphones and computers.

Do you have *gasp* CTS?!?  Get away from me!  

Less common, but just as troublesome is the so-called “blackberry thumb.” It is a repetitive stress injury from typing on those tiny keyboards.

Holy crap!  If you gots the blackberry thumb, too, then there is no hope for you!  Just take you out back and shoot you.  You’re no good for the gene pool.  If you’re allowed to breed, then you just might pass the Cell Phone Elbow and Blackberry Thumb onto future generations! 


This almost happened in 19th Century with the dreaded Bowie Knife Wrist.

"Oww, I heard something pop, Bowie said as he scalped the Indian brave he had just stabbed in the gut about 14 times."

Blackberry thumb THIS!

Oh I’m sure that after a long day of killing bears and depleting Texas and Louisiana of renegade Indians,

“Oww, I heard something pop, Bowie said as he scalped the Indian brave he had just stabbed in the gut about 14 times.”

Jim Bowie had to ice down his wrists, too.  The history books will tell you that Bowie died fighting for Texas independence from Mexico at the Alamo. 

Jim Bowie/American Hero Or Workmans Compensation Fraud Pimp

Jim Bowie/American Hero Or Workman's Compensation Fraud Pimp

The truth is that the Mexican Government got tired of all those OSHA reports that Bowie kept sending them, trying to get paid for his Bowie Knife carpel tunnel so they decided to give him their answer to his claims in person.  By doing so, they saved us all from the dreaded Bowie Wrist. 

True story.*

*Story not really true.   

What I am trying to say is, Americans have become such Pusses. 



Back in the day, nobody sat around crying about their feet hurting after walking on the Oregon Trail and that badboy wasn’t even paved.  When people in the Donner Party started getting hungry, they didn’t start crying and whining and looking for a Burger King, they sucked it up and started eating one another.  You think General Custer would have let a sore thumb from Tweeting the previous day would have stopped him from looking for some Native American ass to kick at Little Big Horn?  Hell no, because he was a idiot, but also, because he was tough! (nah, I think it was because he was a big asshole who got just what he deserved when the entire Sioux nation just happened to be in attendance the day he wanted to beat down some women and kids.  Custer sucks.)


crying puss

crying puss

When Massa’s wife was holding out or ugly, Massa kept it moving and headed right down to the Slave Quarters, damn skippy!  I’m pretty sure that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have loved to call in sick  the day after the Alabama State Trooper opened up a can of whoop civil rights activists ass on that road from Selma to Montgomery but he didn’t.  He marched not just once but twice after that.

Back in the day, nobody bitched and moaned unless somebody cut off a leg or something.  Now we have Cell Phone Elbow and Blackberry thumb?  Man, we suck!