101 Pop Culture Signs O’ The Apocalypse #Bootylicious/Badu’s Bucknaked Booty ASSasination Video

In this time of health care reform, Christian militias run amuck, RNC Chairmen being led astray, Demi Moore trying to educate Kim Kardashian…nevermind the usual stuff.  You know, death, taxes, calling black people Negro on the Census form and now

add Erykah Badu getting buck arsed naked and simulating getting shot right in front of the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated to the list.

Have mercy!

I say that, not because of Badu Bootay, I’ve seen that big ol’ Texas Hottentot action plenty of times over the years:

The woman gots Chinese junk in that trunk, that’s for shure and if you’re shocked by the blatent T n’ A, then you’ve must have just arrived here in your hot tub way back machine from 1986, Mr. Peabody.

No,  dropping trou and then simulating being shot right in front of the “x marks the spot” location where JFK was assassinated, now that’s gangsta!

Badu says there was a method to the madness:

Badu told the newspaper (Dallas Morning News) the video was a “protest” and “about liberating yourself,” adding that she chose the grassy knoll intentionally, for its historical significance.I tied it in a way that compared the assassination to the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely, Badu told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s exactly the action I wanted to display.”

Hey, that works for me.  I am a red-blooded American male, I love a nice, attractive looking woman lying butt-naked in front of a national monument just as much as any other guy.   But these folks;

these folks here, these folks might have something a little bit different to say. I know what you’re thinking and usually Red State conservatives wouldn’t give a flying f*ck off a high dive about anything JFK but these folks are so pissed over a black man being President Of The United States the health care bill that they will find ANY “excuse” get their rage on, even if that is to come to the defense of a dead, bleeding heart liberal.  And don’t think that somebody is out there just thinking of a way to trump this?   What if Britney Spears walked up to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, then walked to the spot where MLK was assassinated, took off all her clothes and bent over the railing on the balcony and started singing HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME?

yeah yeah yeah!I’m just sayin’!

I’m sorry, Aunt Gladys!

Was it artistic interpretation or a publicity stunt to get some shine for the new album? I tend to lead towards the former but only Badu and her peoples (marketing staff) know the real deal.

Art or publicity stunt, whatever, I’m just saying that one person’s art is another person’s justification to go jihad on that arse….don’t say that I didn’t warn you.


ETA: As for the song itself? I really like it. Crisp and clean with that goes down easy smooth vibe that you expect from Mama Gun. Hopefully the music will be judged by the sound and not just one video.


Ten Little Piggies Plus Holy Crap Look At This Kid’s Fingers & Toes!

I bet he could play one hell of a piano...

No thanks, I won’t have what this kid’s parents been drinking (whatever it was, it has to be spiked with plutonium or something…).

First thing that ran thru my head was Blinky The Fish:

as my Grandpa would say "fry him up and put some hot sause on that and it'll be just fine" Um...no he won't, Grandpa, no he won't...

and Little TwelveToes

Hey little twelvetoes, I hope you're well.
Must be some far-flung planet where you dwell.
If we were together, you could be my cousin,
Down here we call it a dozen.
Hey little twelvetoes, please come back home.

ahem, anyway…

According to this story this youngster from China had all those extra digits and toes removed mainly because the kids at school was giving the chap a hard way to go (they were picking on him). I don’t know about you, but I ain’t f*ckin’ with a Chinese kid with 15 fingers and 16 toes. If somebody would have taught him some Kung Fu, that kid could have made Bruce Lee his biotch. Oh well, now we’ll never know.  What I do know is that this kid’s family missed a golden opportunity because they could have  gotten a two year reality series on TLC out of this and probably gotten that fame whore Kate Gosselin to move in with them for one of those seasons, easy.  Real, ridiculously, sad and tragically easy.

China and I don't have to take the kids? Sign me up, baby!