Sending Out Patriotic Love To My Tea Party Movement Americans

Hey, a racist play on words!

It’s Good Friday and in this time of turmoil and motherf*ckers just straight trippin’, I want to send some love out to my fellow Americans, specifically, some of my favorite Americans right now, The Tea-baggers Teat Tea Party Movement family.

Y’all some hatin’ arsed, rabid, cat s*it on a helicopter windshield crazy fools but we do all have at least one thing in common (not counting our slave owning/slave raping ancestors), we’re all Americans….yeah, that’s right, we’re all in the same gang, suckas.

So what better way to show my fellow countrymen some hot, tasty love than to celebrate this great country AND give a shout out to one of the greatest R&B singers ever, on what would have been his 71st Born-On Date, Marvin Gaye?

Sing it Marvin….

ummmm PROPER!

you the man, Chubby Afro!

A more traditional version of The Star Spangled Banner sung by Marvin Gaye (and getting much love from the late great Howard Cosell himself!)



Back in the late 20th Century, the late 80s-early 90s to be more precise, the news of Arnold Swartzennegger, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis all appearing in the same movie would have made grown men scream like teen-aged girls at a Beatles concert.

That was before Arnold become the Governator, Bruce lost his hair and Sly, well Sly is still Sly.  Time moves on.

Or so I thought before I saw this awesome trailer for Sly’s late summer release, THE EXPENDABLES:

I know right?  Looks corny and filled with mindless violence and dumb dialogue…SIGN ME UP! Oh please oh please oh please make the rest of the movie as awesome as that trailer was, please????

The only things missing from that trailer is


For you pussies who need to know what the movies is about, here you go, you wine-sippers.

But for the rest of us dudes, all we need to do is to set our brains on automatic and all we need to know is:


Are going to be blowing up things and shooting the hell out of s*it, 80s meat-head action flick, style. Oh, Stone Cold Steve Austin plays a guy named Paine. And did I mention Mickey Rourke is in this thing, too?

Kaboom, bitches.