BP Is ‘Big And Important’: BP Chairman Strikes Out At Critics, CEO Scolds Photographer At Oil Spill Site (VIDEO)

Enough is enough, President Obama, shut BP down in America until they fix this mess. Why should they rush to fix this if they’re not under any pressure to do so? What’s next, make the CEO go to Capital Hill to get a stern lecture from jerk congresspeople who are just putting on a show themselves? Enough, Mr. President, shut them down!
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Bristol Palin Signs Deal For Up To $30,000 Per Speech

Watching young Baby Ma Palin work her way up the political chain like the little non-protected sex trooper that she is…I feel as if I’m watching that scene from the movie I AM SAM when little Lucy realizes that she’s much smarter than her parent. Bristol The Pistol is making more sense than her mom, which isn’t saying much but these Tea Party-urks don’t need much proof other than “you’re not Barack Obama” for them to hitch a wagon onto whatever bull that you just happen to be spewing. So Bristol knows her audience and knows how to pimp them. Go Bristol Palin 2028….I’m scared.
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1,000 American Deaths In Afghanistan

“American troops are dying younger, often fresh out of boot camp, military records show. From 2002 to 2008, the average age of service members killed in action in Afghanistan was about 28; last year, it dropped to 26. This year, the more than 125 troops killed in combat were on average 25 years old.”–New York Times quote

somebody call Paul Hardcastle, stat! We can start cranking out a sequel to “19”;

No, seriously kids, this bites.
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