Recently, Jalen Rose, in a interview, referred Grant Hill as an “Uncle Tom”. 

Of course, Hill had to respond to Rose’s idiocy and he did so in eloquent fashion.

I would have sent Jalen a copy of the Jefferson episode above and simply said, “Jalen, I would NEVER call you an Uncle Tom”.

You’ve grossly over-simplified Rose’s comments. In the documentary and subsequent interviews Rose clearly stated that “I felt that they only recruited black players that were Uncle Toms…”. Rose would then go on to explain his resentment for the recognition Grant Hill received from white America. At no time did Jalen Rose state that he currently felt Grant Hill was an Uncle Tom and he went as far as to rebuke the errors in his nineteen year old thinking.

Many of Rose’s comments were unsavory, some were true and many were exaggerated for film purposes, however, I believe Jalen Rose deserves a fairer representation that what you gave him.

You’re right, Rose didn’t say that Hill was “currently” an Uncle Tom. 

But the fact that he did at all is ridiculous.  Why was Hill an “Uncle Tom”? 

Even most 19-year old black youths know what time it is when you call someone an “Uncle Tom”.  Because he or she is articulate?  They don’t act “hood”?  They choose to hang out with other people besides black folk?  They’re dating a white person?

I didn’t grossly-over simply Rose’s comments, he did that himself when he uttered the phrase “Uncle Tom” and then went on to say he was jealous of the recognition that Hill got from “white America”.


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