This movie was the first thing I thought of when I saw that Jackass 3D made 50 Million American Dollars over the weekend.

the opening figure is far and away the best opening weekend for any kind of non-fiction/documentary film in history. If you count this series as a documentary franchise (which I do), then the third entry is now the fifth-highest grossing documentary in history in just three days. It stands behind “Jackass: The Movie” ($64 million), “Jackass Number Two” ($72 million), “March of the Penguins” ($77 million), and “Fahrenheit 9/11″ ($119 million). While the franchise has mediocre legs (part one had a 2.9x weekend-to-total multiplier in 2002 and part two had a 2.4x multiplier in 2006), thus making $100 million+ not quite a sure thing yet, there is little doubt that the film will end its domestic run as the second-highest grossing documentary/non-fiction film of all time.

Not dissing Johnny Knoxville and the boys, but damn, America, the second highest grossing documentary flick of all time features a guy getting smacked in the face by a large fish…in slow-mo:

I have to admit, Bam Magera getting smacked by a gigantic hand was awesome! But I didn’t expect 50 million dollars worth of awesome. Looks like the unevolution of Man is going on as (un)planned:

Oh, boy.


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