Big League Disappointment of the Day: The Rev. John Foundation Little League team from Kampala, Uganda, defeated their Arabian American Little League rivals to become the first African youth baseball team ever to advance to the Little League World Series.

Hooray, right? Wrong.

This year’s Little League World Series, as every Little League World Series, will be held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Sadly, the Ugandan team will not be able to attend as they’ve just been denied entry into the US.

Something about discrepancies in their documentation.

A spokesman for the State Department said consular officers “examined each of these individuals and accorded them every consideration under the law.” He wouldn’t specify as to the reason for the denial, but said he didn’t believe it was out of concern that players would stay behind after the tournament.

“It is unfortunate, as we were very much looking forward to welcoming the first African team to the Little League Baseball World Series,” said Little League Baseball and Softball president Stephen D. Keener in a statement. “We are going to have to take a few days to evaluate all our options, and decide how best to move forward.”

[bloomberg / @mikenizza.]

For fuck’s sake … I wonder why the US continues to bid for things like the Olympics and the World Cup … when the majority of the world wouldn’t be able to get into the country for the events.

On the other hand, how cool is it that Little League World Series is actually international?! Yes, I’m looking at you Major League Baseball …

They can barely get people to fly into Pittsburgh, how you gonna get folks to watch the Amsterdam Dikes? I can only imagine what the 7th Inning Stretch in Holland would be like on Red Light District All You Can Eat Night…hmmm, I think I just may have answered my own question.


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