I thought that Rosewood was a disappointment.

The acting was good.  Got to see Esther Rolle one last time and the story was solid.

But it was a disappointment because of this character:

Yes, Mann, The Captain America of 1923 w/The Titanium Neck.  The Un-Lynchable Negro.  Scrappy’s Mann.

What would have happened if Steven Spielburg decided, in the middle of shooting Schindler’s List, that the movie was a downer and what it needed was Super-Jew with his Laser-powered Star Of Davids?


He would have gotten his ass bounced right out of the Jewish faith. 

Look, I know we all would have loved for there to have been a Super Negro back in the day to lay the smackdown on Jim Crow and anybody who was down with keeping the Black Man in check.

But the cold, harsh, reality was that there was no such thing and, even worse, Rosewood wasn’t just a movie, it was a historical fact.  By adding the Mann character, historical fact became an Action-Adventure movie.  

We don’t get too many chances to have Black American Historical movies and one of the rare times that we do, it’s watered down/creative licence is enacted and a perfect opportunity to depict a sad moment in American History is wasted. 


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