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I saw Terence Blanchard perform this classic Wayne Shorter composition on stage with Wayne Shorter at Herbie Hancock’s 70th birthday celebration at Carnegie Hall last summer. It was a magical performance. The evening was chock full of mystery and magic with Wayne Shorter – in guru mode – pulling colourful rabbit out his trick bag. The line up featured Miles Davis alums from his 1960s and 1970s bands. The performance of Footprints was much closer to the original Wayne Shorter composition than this one, but was arranged by Terence Blanchard’s pen.

One added bonus for the night, aside from all the sterling Davis sidemen, was the presence of Wallace Roney – who in my view comes the closest, of all horn players, to capturing the spirit and essence of Miles Davis without being a parody. This is always a dangerous exercise for most, so it is best avoided at all costs. He does catch a lot of flak for it…

…but then you should hear him do Clifford Brown!

oh sweet broccoli, it’s available in my country!! … and it’s a gorgeous piece of music. thanks my Dear!!


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