I am pretty disgusted with myself that I watched all 10 episodes of Happily Divorced.  I am even more disgusted that it will be back for a second season.

Here’s a list of TV Shows that deserved a second season:

  • Freaks & Greeks
  • The Comeback
  • Undeclared
  • Wonderfalls
  • My So-Called Life
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • The Unusuals
  • Stella
  • Clone High
  • Jack & Bobby
  • Summer Heights High
  • Firefly
  • Kitchen Confidential

I’m down with that list…except for Studio 60, bleh.  I would have added Now & Again instead (Dennis Haysbert was wayyy better as Dr. Theodore Morris than he was as lame-o President Of The United States on 24). 

I’m still kinda pissed that The Jonathan Silverman Show only got one season (no, I’m not)


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