I. Can’t. Even.

Question all widely-accepted peer-reviewed modern science because over 400 years a heliocentric universe was considered impossible.


and of course the irony that it was an oppressive Christian theocracy that punished Galileo Galilei and Copernicus.


See, this. This, right here, is why I stayed well clear of the entire thing. I knew some GOP moron was gonna say something like this and then another, and another, and then they’d start volleying idiotic shit back & forth between them like chimps in a poo-fight.

No. Galileo wasn’t ‘out voted’ , idiot. He was persecuted. For being RIGHT. By an all-too-powerful-Church who didn’t like his description of the universe. Did I mention that he ended up being RIGHT?

Don’t even want to know how Bachmann defiled this subject.   


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