Kindred by Octavia Butler

Kindred follows the story of Dana, a black woman living in 1970’s California. While celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday, Dana is inexplicably transported to 1815 Maryland to save Rufus, the white son of slave-owners. This becomes habit as Dana is transported back more frequently and for longer periods, each time having to save Rufus from some near death experience. As Dana becomes aware of the link between her future and Rufus’s, she must watch as the boy she risks her life for grows up and becomes a cruel slave owner himself. Dana is forced to assume the role of Rufus’s slave bringing untold danger to herself and her husband. Realizing that Rufus will never change, Dana makes a decision that will change the lives of people in the past and present.

This was actually a really interesting book exploring race and gender relations in the Antebellum era…

Octavia Butler is a G when it comes to this african american sci fi literature…

This was the first Octavia Butler book I ever read, and its fabulous, I still own it!

Everybody needs to read this book


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