Kickass Cover of the Day: Upsettingly talented Mexican siblings Angie (10, vocals), Abelardo (15, guitar/bass/piano), and Gustavo Vazquez (13, drums) — AKA Vazquez Sounds — cover the hell out of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”



Please tell me these kids were signed by a major label and those soul stealers at Disney didn’t sign these kids and now have them in production for a sitcom about a wacky Latino family of siblings who live in a cave with their multiracial superhero parents who want them to have normal lives but they are always sneaking around trying to do the superhero thing, too, when they’re not singing down at the high school malt shoppe.  The show would be called The Hero Hernandez Of Happy Harbor….

Stop looking at me like that, you know that could so happen!


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