Daily Pic: “Blue Wave,” an ink-washed collage by Lorna Simpson from a series called “Ebony Heads”. Six pieces from the series are now in the exhibition called “The Bearden Project” at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The Studio Museum invited a number of artists to riff on the great African-American collagist Romare Bearden, in honor of his centennial. Some artists made work that was too close to Bearden, and seemed derivative, while others produced art that barely seemed connected to him. Simpson, however, used his signature technique without aping his look, and spoke to his signature issue of race with a 21st-century subtlety. I am particularly taken with the way Simpson translated vintage black haircuts into the retro medium of colored wash, as though the free expression implied in both somehow belongs to the past.

Our art & design critic, Blake Gopnik, examines a new exhibition at Harlem’s Studio Museum.


The Most Hardcore G-Rated Christmas Movie Ever


When I was a kid, I re-call watching this, now realizing that 90% of the story went right over my head.  I was just in it for the happy ending, with everybody in Bedford Falls all happy and shit, that bell ringing and Clarence The Angel getting his wings.

Now I watch this joint every year and wonder the same thing; “How in the hell does NBC get away with slapping a G-rating on this thing?”  If you went by one of the original trailers for the movie, you would have thought it was a worthy:

You get some hints from the trailer but it was really marketed wrong.  From some of the things that went on in the movie it was anything but a “wonderful life”:

  • A suicide attempt
  • child abuse of a minor employee
  • nearly killing someone by poisoning
  • verbal abusing kids
  • bashing immigrants (calling Italians “garlic-eaters)
  • Embezzling (well, actually it’s Uncle Billy, the world’s most forgetful man, who, for some reason, is allowed to be in charge of depositing 8 grand in the bank when he can’t even remember what he is supposed to do unless he has string tied to his fingers to remind him of what he’s supposed to be doing? WTF? I know he’s fucking Uncle Billy but he shouldn’t have been allowed to change cat litter, nevermind handling the entire financial backing of of your business.)
  • Major shit-talking (by Mr. Potter, the worst “Christmas” villain of all time, Scrooge ain’t got a thing on this dude)
  • a fight in a bar
  • slumlording (I don’t even know if that’s a word)
  • lusting over Violet’s ass (remember the scene where Bedford Falls resident whore hot thang, Violet, is walking away and her “milkshake”, it doesn’t bring the boys to her yard, it sends one of them home to “see what the wife is doing” and by “what the wife is doing” I am saying that he went home to have a nooner with the ol’ lady.  

It seemed like Christmas was just a prop to have Clarence The Angel show Angry George Bailey how fucked up Bedford Falls would be without his grumpy ass.  This movie could have just have well been set around Arbor Day.

I thought this was a boring movie when I was a kid.  I love the cat shit out of it now, especially when I realized that the ONLY reason this is considered a “Christmas” movie is because that’s around the time Uncle Billy lost the money and it drives George Bailey to contemplate suicide.

Awesome!  NBC still slaps a “G” on it every year when it’s clearly not for the kids! This is the trailer they should have created:

Now, that’s more like it!

Added bonus, the “lost” alternate ending! (click here if you can’t see it below)