Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Just saw it.

And yeah.. I bawled at the end. I won’t lie. In fact.. because the movie had me thinking so much about my own fate should the same thing in the movie really happen, I’m STILL crying. 

Yes it has its comedic moments, plenty of them. But it is definitely NOT a comedy. Well may an extremely dark RomCom, however I hate to put it in that category. 

I think the acting was very well done. Even for Keira (She can sometimes annoy me, but she wasn’t as annoying in this, in fact it made her sort of endearing). You really felt for Steve Carrell’s character (As all of his characters usually make you do). Honestly, I got a lot more out of the movie than I expected, it was beautifully made, and the ending very… I don’t want to say “Haunting” but if you can think of a lighter version of that word, then that would be it.

I like the fact that it covered a vast array of what people may or may not do during there last days, complete with cheering an 8 year old to take a 5th of vodka to the head.

Would I watch it again? Yes.. but it would be one of those movies where I would need to be of stable mind…lol not PMSing LOL!

Go have a look for yourselves!