See that growing all over the fucking place like crazy?  It’s called Kudzu and if you’re watching The Walking Dead, you’re not seeing much of it and well, you should be seeing it, a whole lot of it.

Remember that great History Channel show, Life After People?  They would tell you every week how vegetation wouldn’t fuck around with a mourning people period, fuck a wake, before it reclaimed the Earth.  

This is how Wrigley Field, five years with no one to check the vines in the outfield, would look

That’s just one punk assed vine in a baseball park in a city with harsh winters, Just imagine what a vine that can go buckwild within months, in a mild climate, without people to check it, could do

The ATL, where The Walking Dead is set, is qround zero for kudzu and three years into the zombie apocalypse, kudzu should be making Atlanta its bitch. 

Kudzu should be right up there with the zombies as a major threat.  Think about it, if kudzu has covered all the roads, you’re in trouble trying to get somewhere. And how about those slow moving, chopped in half zombies you always see on the show?  


Kudzu could grow over them and cover them up and then your happy ass is just walking along when CHOMP, game over, son.

Just saying!  

Kudzu is like the honey badger, it don’t give a fuck, it just does what it motherfuckin’ wants. 

Kudzu-The Vine


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