The Bat Family is cute, but at what point did we stop analyzing the fact that a grown man took in kids from broken backgrounds and instead of using his vast wealth to give them proper counseling and education, made them wear costumes, fight crime, get their asses kicked, die, become paralyzed, lose their families, and become darker human beings.

Bruce Wayne is a shit father, regardless of how cool the Robins turned out.

YO son stop hating on the bats son! Dick Grayson needed to get revenge on the guy because bruce didnt want him to turn out like himself. Barbara didn’t listen to batman and she ended up paying for her mistake. Jason was reckless as fuck and literally never listened so he ended up dying because of it. Tim found out who he was and wanted to join for his own reasons i guess, Damian was the only mistake that batman made, and it crushes me because he was my favorite robin :[.

Maaaan, you gotta stop defending this man for everything bruh.

Bruce Wayne never should have let those kids do what he was doing. He was lonely and that’s why he did it. 

Bruce Wayne uses those kids as a social experiment to try and exorcise the demons of not being able to protect his parents. It fails miserably every single time. 

I’ve said it before, Batman is Joker without the killing. 

 I’m a rich kid with issues. Lots of issues.—Batman




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