So Riley Cooper wants to fight every Nigger at a Kenny Chesney concert, I’m sure both of those black folks were shaking in their boots


(no word if LL Cool J and Brad Paisley were there but if there ever a lame ass poster boy for their lame ass anti-bigotry, ham-fisted anti-freeze suicide inducing song Accidental Racist, it sure would be this Riley Cooper motherfucker) and Terrence Jones wants to stomp on homeless people


I say, put these two corny mega-mix, no rap bastards in a holding tank, chain them down to metal chairs with three legs.  Then I would have One Direction/Mindless Behavior/Enya songs blasting nonstop


(nothing better when you want to torture some chumps than some Orinoco Flow on a constant loop “Sail Away, Sail Away, bitches)

and leave them in there for a week, force feeding them Guantanamo Bay style


Liquefied Twinkies and Velvetta cheese mixed with warm RC Cola.  Then, after that week was up, I would un-chain the from those three legged chairs, throw in two whiffle bats spiked with thumb tacks and tell them that they will have to fight one another until somebody is beating unconscious ..then keep them locked in there another two weeks just because fuck you, that’s why! 


I would pay good money


and watch that shit like it was like a double secret probationary bootleg disc of upcoming season two of Orphan Black and Orange Is The New Black

But whatever happens happens and it still wouldn’t begin to be good enough punishment for these snide, whimpering bitch ass bitches. 


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