About Chubby Afro

About Chubby Afro

…I’m just an average man, with an average life.  I work from 9 to 5, hey, Hell, I pay the price–one of Berry Gordy’s kids

(not the one he had with Diana Ross.  What?  You didn’t know he knocked up Diana Ross?  Hell, the man owned Motown, I would have hit up all the Supremes AND Bunny DeBarge AND Rebbie Jackson.  CENTIPEDE THIS! UNGH!  No Rebbie wasn’t on Motown but she OWED Berry ONE horizontal mambo for letting Tito stay with The Jacksons 5.  But I digress…)

This was supposed to be leading to a brief 411 about Chubby Afro…right.  Moving on…

Chubby Afro is a blog about any and everything from a “certain” black (okay, for you politically correct folks, African-American, there, you happy?) perspective.  What does that mean?  More about that later…

We started out as Blackcynic America in April (2008) .

The blog is, unfortunately, gone.  Thanks to some idiots over at AT&T and Yahoo, long story short, I got screwed and blackcynic.com is no more.  Shame really because there was some, fairly decent stuff there.   Anyway, here we are @ Chubby Afro.

Now, as promised, more about that “certain” Black/African-American P.O.V.

Believe it or not, America, not all Black folk are the same.  I know, what a jip!  If we were all the same, then  rap videos could also serve as historical documentaries and the History Channel would have some swagger to go with their R. Lee Ermey and CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD (That is a good, good damn good show and that Don Wildman is a trip with no luggage!  Check it out if you get the chance, trust me.)

So, while you will see music commentary here, it won’t all be about what kind of crazy Kanye is on this week or what kind of shoes Beyonce’ wore to the Lakers game.  As a matter of fact, I can pretty much tell you that probably WON’T ever be about what kind of shoes Beyo’s wearing because with all that hips and ass, I’d never actually get down to her foots (yes foots, I said it).  But if someone wants to discuss that kind of stuff, I guess we’ll get to it.

That’s the thing, we just want to talk about stuff.  Any kind of stuff.  Like me, (T. Troy Stewart), my thing is Pop Culture.  I love the sh!t, dude.  I drink your pop culture milkshake, I drink that mofo up!  And then I will start on your Useless Trivia Double Cheeseburger.  (Like, did you know that Barry Manilow’s classic I WRITE THE SONGS wasn’t written by Barry Manilow?  Blew me away!)

But, I will discuss just about anything, as does my partner in crime, the righteous Reverend Tyrone.  He’s one heck of a writer (I couldn’t say Hell when discussing the Rev. that goes against my Southern Missionary (hee hee) Baptist upbring, y’ know?), the brains of the outfit and least likely to have skeletons in his closet.  Me?  I got skeletons, mummies, zombies and some squirrels up in mine.  Don’t open that door, yo.  Just.don’t.

The bottom line is, we’re here at Chubby Afro to discuss somethings, make a ton of observations and have some frackin’ fun.  Now if you get your feelings hurt, leave a message and let’s hug it out, bitch.  Seriously, we will come to your house and hug you until you smile.  Then we can go out and have some mimosas and flapjacks.   Just don’t take it personal.  Just like I didn’t take Jermaine Jackson’s taking a cool phrase and turning it into a cheesy R&B song.

No, I’m not bitter.

T. Troy Stewart


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