Everybody Plays The Fool/Part 1

Kembra looked up from her morning paper just long enough to see his firm butt as he closed the shower door. He glanced her way and smiled at her. She smiled back at him until he closed the bathroom door. As soon as the door shut, however, Kembra frowned, rolled her eyes and went back to reading the paper.

“Damn fool”, she mumbled.

He may have thought that he was good last night but Kem wasn’t impressed. He had the nerve to have that “I know I’m off the chain, bitch” swagger about him, even after a dud of a night like last night.

“Cute as hell, but boring as a Dickens audiobook when it comes to fucking,” Kem thought to herself.

Her usual routine would be to wait until her latest “fool” left before she took an shower.

“Gotta keep an eye out on niggas, nowadays because I work hard for my shit and would not take kindly for some broke ass man to walk up outta here with it,” she would tell her girls at the Job.

But, after last night, she couldn’t wait to wash his scent and residue off of her. She woke up an hour before he did to do just that.

Afterwards, she felt a thousand times better and after a hot cup of Starbucks House Blend, she was already well on her way to putting this particular rendezvous in her mental rear view.

Kem would love to crush his world and tell him the truth as Kembra Joyce Hamilton saw it. But she decided not to bother. His “partially erect, manhandling titties, moans like a hoe” ass was some other sista’s headache after he walks out of her apartment this morning.

He did have a nice look and a tight body though, she thought to herself. She smiled again, remembering how nice his ass felt in her hands. “Just like I thought it would be…about the only thing that went the way I wanted it to,” she sighed.

Kem had literally been watching his ass on a daily basis, ever since the day he walked into her office.

He was a UPS delivery driver who was covering for the regular driver, Fat Janet, as everyone called her, on her route and co-workers, who had gone on maternity leave. The brotha was automatically a big success with all the women in the office.

Kem wasn’t impressed, at first. Everyday he would walk in, smiling ever so smoothly, playing hard to get with the ladies, muscles glistening with sweat, tight ass shorts showing off a nice, huge bulge; dick just had a sista HYPNOTIZED! She was going to get Mr. UPS Replacement Driver; Rodney.

Hot Rod, his fan club at the office called him when he wasn’t around as they cackled with glee at the thought of how he would be in bed.

Kem, on the other hand, she knew it was just a matter of time as far as she was concerned. She was patient. She was cool. Kembra Joyce Hamilton didn’t have to chase after nobody’s dick.

She was fine, if she had to say so herself and she often did just that. Nice, firm, round breast that she even loved to feel on the regular and that no man could resist. Thick ass just going POW! So nice that even other women had to compliment her on it. Designer everything. Clothes, shoes, furniture, drawls, everything. And the best thing? None of that had to come out of her pocketbook. Men just throwing out cash like it was water when it came to Kembra.

When she wanted it, she would have it. Just that simple and she knew it. She knew, from past experience, that she had the goods and knew how to work them to her benefit. Combine that and rampant testosterone mixed together, all Kem had to do was just say the word and there wasn’t a man alive that wasn’t hers for the taking.

She always gets what she wants and this would be no different.

They were such fools when it came to matters below their belts. It didn’t matter what their names were to Kem, they were all fools in her mind.

Sure enough, this particular fool would be no different.

The day came when he came up in the office with the “sad” announcement that Fat Janet’s maternity leave was up and she would be back on the job an her route, the following Monday morning.

You would have thought that MLK had been shot all over again. The ladies were crestfallen and ridiculous in their sadness as they surrounded him and worked in cheap and tawdry feels as they gave him farewell hugs and made promises of something special for him on his last day on the route.

Kem just smiled. It was go time.




One comment

  1. Cassie · September 10, 2009

    I am ready to read part II. Excellent!

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