Everybody Plays The Fool/Part 3

Twelve hours later, Kembra Joyce Hamilton is quickly weeding this particular fool out of her memory.

“I should have fucking known.” She thought,

“No damn wonder his ass was dressed to the nines. His ass was compensating for his lack of fuck skills, hoping a hoe would be impressed with his material shit and blow off his limp dickin’ style. Well, not this hoe. I got money, but a good dick is so…hard to find.” Kem chuckled at her play on words.

“Soon as the fool gets out of the shower, his ass has got to go.” So deep in thought, its about half a minute later when she looks down and sees the fool staring up at her from the bottom of the newspaper, slightly startling her.

“Shit! Nigga, you scared me!” Kem replied, deciding that this would be just the opening she needed to justify putting the damn fool out of her house.

The fool starts to open her robe and she grabs his hands. He ignores that and starts to spread her legs with his other hand.

Kem starts to stop him and then stops and lets him continue to open her robe. Kem thinks, “It’s the least that the fool can do, he must know that shit he pulled last night was hella weak. But I hope his ass don’t think that he’s doing anything original, like he re-inventing the wheel with some new-fangled pussy lick. And that isn’t gonna totally fix that travesty last night either. But his ass OWES me.”

She keeps reading, initially feining interest. Then the fool starts eating her as if his ass has just entered a million dollar ice cream eating contest and they’re going to take his mother off life support if he doesn’t come up with the money.

“Oh! Hell, yes!” Kem blurts out, dropping the tough sista act and tossing it aside along with the paper.

She grabs the fool by the head and moans, “Ummm yeah…now that’s what I’m talking about…

Kem throws her legs on each arm of her recliner and then she starts grinding her pussy on the fool’s tongue and he licks, sucks and slurps all in time to her writhing.

“Ooh I fell for that bullshit!” Kem thinks to herself, “This motherfucka was playing possum on my ass! Oohshitmotherfuckgotdamn! This is some good shit!”

She looks down at the fool and her throbbing pussy is the only thing that prevents her from busting out laughing at him because she realizes that the motherfucka is using a got damn dental dam!

“Somebody’s getting all clinical on the pussy. Whatever makes it happen, fool!” Kem thinks.

The fool goes at it for about half an hour, never slowing down.

Kem comes about four times (a record for her) but her pussy is still aching and the fool still has that limp dick thang going on, or so she thinks.

The fool stands up and limp dick is a definitely a thing of the past.

“Got damn!” She says. Kembra Joyce Hamilton is impressed.

She simultaneously reaches down to pull the lever on the recliner to get herself in a better position and grabs the fool’s back from the dead with rigor mortis set in dick to pull the trigger on some serious fucking.

The fool stops long enough to put on a condom, “how sanitary”, Kem thinks, “first the dental dam now this?” This fool came prepared for everything, hmm.

“Oh just fuck, me Boy Scout, fuck me.” Kem begs.

The fool obliges with gusto and for the second time that morning, Kembra is surprised.

The fool pumps his massive dick in Kem with a serious sense of urgency, she thinks but she doesn’t care.

“Knock the box out, baby, she moans.

The fool smiles that shit eating grin smile of his and picks Kem up off the recliner and carries her to the kitchen and places her on the counter, never missing a stroke.

Kem starts licking his face the dick is so good.

“Damn”, she thinks, “I’m fucking blowing another fundamental rule; never let a fool know that they making a sista love that dick.

“Fuck! I don’t care…oww…this motherfucking fool…oww…is making me feel good as a motherfucka…oww…I haven’t felt this damn good since I won All American at cheerleader camp in high school…oww! Winning the spelling bee in the eighth grade…oww! Playing jacks at recess…oww! Etch-A-Sketch for my fucking birthday…oww! Atari 5200 for Christmas…oww! Son of a bitch…oww! That’s some…oww…good dick! This fool is taking me back down memory lane and his dick is the Way Back Machine…oww! Damn, my back is wet…oww! Never let them see you sweat, Kembra…oww! This fool got me sweating like a stuck pig…oww! Whoo…don’t stop, motherfucka…oww…don’t…oww…stop!”

“Who…oww…cut on the lights?!? Ooh it’s so bright! Damn, you fool! You done took this shit to the next level ain’t you (my back is so damn wet, it feels like I’m sweating all over my Formica! I don’t give a fuck!) That light so fucking bright and nice, Grandma? Uncle Lee? What the fuck…Dick so good got a sista on some Sixth Sense shit going on! Got a sista seeing dead people everywhere. Ha Ha! (getting weak as fuck, now…too tired to come…feeling good as a bitch can be right about now, though…) Aww, fuck, you win fool, I was wrong about you, fool. You the bomb, fool! You the bomb! Work that dick baby…(so sleepy) why those lights so bright anyway?”

“Work it, fool…I’m ready to take a nap but I want to come…first….”



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