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Not your average divas

How many divas you know would admit they shop on You just met three here...

I know you’re saying to yourselves, “another R&B group”, huh?  Not so fast, yo.  I would like to introduce you to (from L to R) Yolanda, Cynthia and Khristal, the ladies behind

What is Urban Frugal Chic

With these economic hard times, everybody is trying to save a dollar. Ladies the days of watching Sex & the City, and saving up your money so you too can rock a pair Jimmy Choo Shoes seems unimaginable. The average pair of brand name kicks for a man is well over $150.00. We at Urban Frugal Chic are here to introduce you to a new way of living. Turning Frugality into something that is Hip. I am approached all the time by people asking how do you do it: You bought your first Mercedes Benz at 25, bought your first place at 28, and you dress like a million bucks! Trust me when I say It is possible to achieve all of that without having a 6 figure income! I am more than happy to share with them I am living the Urban Frugal Chic Lifestyle. My mission, along with the help of my girls Khristal and Yolanda, is to help you do the same.

What is Urban Frugal Chic?

•URBAN-Characteristics of City or City life

•FRUGAL-Practicing or marked by the economy, as in expenditure of money, or the use of material resources

•CHIC-Confirming to the current fashion; stylish Adopting or setting current fashion and styles; Sophisticated.

No more will you feel like you are the poor kid in school that can’t afford the brand name clothing or the lady at the office who feels out of place because she can’t rock that fancy designer handbag. We plan to teach you how to stretch your dollar, find you cheap fashion finds, keep you informed and hip with what’s going on in the urban lifestyle, share beauty tips, give you advice, share a tiny bit of gossip with you, give you some relationship advice, contests, financial advice,diet tips,frugal living, keep you informed of fashion trends, what’s going on in entertainment and much much more! So Join the community the only thing we ask of you-
IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU “WHY YOU ARE LOOKING SO FLY THESE DAYS?” Smile, look into their eyes and tell them “Thanks, I owe it all to WWW.URBANFRUGALCHIC.COM”

It’s easy, real easy to judge a book by it’s cover,


I wouldn’t do that with these ladies, they’re more than just pretty faces and Dooney & Burke (I don’t know what that is, but my lady is already dropping hints about it). That is what makes UrbanFrugalChic different than those other fashion sites.

They actually talk to the fellas (and not just in that endorphin raising way either) and hip us to what our ladies (or man, if that’s how you roll…not that there’s anything wrong with that) would like and, most importantly, how you can get it on the cheap and still be chic.  You gotta love that!  (About the eyebrow arching stuff, I was in a car accident, when I was three, that left  a gash across one of my eyebrows.  That was the last time I touched my eyebrows and that was only to stop the bleeding.  I don’t even like saying the St. Louis Arch outloud.

I have trouble slicing bread, no way in hell I’m preforming minor surgury on my face.


Ladies, check out UrbanFrugalChic, they’re keeping up with what’s hot so you can get your good look on and fellas, they’re actually talking to you, too. (You have to like a L.A. sista who is willing to go out on a limb and make a wild prediction AGAINST the Lakers…that’s gangasta).

Last, but not least, these sistas are the real deal.  They are super cool with their readers and take the time out to respond to questions/comments in a timely manner and they are constantly adding info to their website.

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


I’m saying that they ain’t no golddiggers…cuz they already got niggas (except for, so I heard, Yolanda–that just don’t make no sense, what’s wrong with you dudes?  Come correct, I say!)

Now I know how Fred Sanford felt when The Three Degrees stayed at his house that time

the three degrees

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