Captain America is a great soldier but I know more about life than he does. So what he’s like 91 or 92, he spent almost 70 years frozen in a ice floe, so, technically, he’s only about 24-25.  Not saying that all 20 somethings don’t know anything, most know enough to be dangerous but there are quite a few who I would trust with a lot of things.

But Steve Rogers has always come across to me as if he’s the master of everything.  Like I said, on the battlefield, I’ll give it up to him, but when he takes off that mask, I would like to think that he’s just another himbo with issues, in his case, Daddy issues, and you gotta imagine that being in love with one woman during World War II and then hooking up with her look alike niece when he’s thaw’d out would be kinda fucked up to think about.  That shit, cray!

So, nah, Steve, you can’t tell me about a lot of things, so shut up, kid and go hit somebody with that shield, already