One of my all time favorite comic book series, Astro City, is back with all new stories.  It’s a treat for long time fans and a great jumping off point for those new to the series. 



Did you know that Shaft and Superman were created by Clevelanders?

  • Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster Jerry Siegel (1976) retouched.jpgShuster1975.jpg
  • Shaft created by Ernest R. Tidyman image (yes, the creator of one of the Blaxplotation Era’s most famous characters is a….Clevelander)

fuck yeah superheroes: Change Can Happen: Marvel Reveals Mighty Avengers Team





In April of 2001 Tom Brevoort gave an interview to CBR – here is an excerpt:

an idea that never got as far as an official title, but it was essentially “Black Avengers.” It was “Let’s put all the African or African-American heroes together…

This will be my new team but wtf who is the power man and I like that Spectrum is the leader. Luke and Marvel? Power Hitters.

i want this to work so bad. and the first time I see y’all motherfuckers that have never read comics hop out the blue talking about “ain’t no black writers on that book” i’ll clown the fuck out of you.

Has it been a decade already?  Monica Rambeau’s got another name change?

Seems like Marvel is on that once every 10 years, we’ll try a black superhero come up.  Can’t say that I’m a fan of Marvel’s black superhero track record (nope I sure can’t) or hold my breath for the once in a while black history lesson but I keep hoping that one of these days, something will stick

It’s been 10 years since Marvel’s last big black superhero push in 2003 (not counting whenever one of the “mainstream” Marvel writers takes a fancy to a black character, like Luke Cage)

and Christopher Priest’s The Crew

Christopher Priest’s The Crew

So they’re about due

And it is way past time that Marvel’s given one of their best black characters, 

Her true due (oh, she also led the main Avengers for a while, a nice long run and her leadership skills are right up there with Captain America himself, this ain’t her first time to the rodeo, okay)

…but we’ve been down this road with her before, too. 

Way too many times.

Maybe this time will be different but, just in case, I’ll see y’all back here in 2023

fuck yeah superheroes: Change Can Happen: Marvel Reveals Mighty Avengers Team