IT CAME FROM SDCC: Michael Jai White to Play Bronze Tiger on ‘Arrow’ Season Two (Video)


Click the link and a teaser of Season Two. 

One of the few men on the planet who can say they beat Batman in a fist fight

IT CAME FROM SDCC: Michael Jai White to Play Bronze Tiger on ‘Arrow’ Season Two (Video)



So, this is happening, huh?

An Arab Green Lantern…with a gun.  Really?  Boy, the Arab Spring was wild!

He has one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the Green Lantern’s ring, but he’s still packin’ heat?  Talk about “When Keeping It Real” goes too far.

Maybe my dude doesn’t want to seem like a punk because his superpower is a super ring.  Even Elaine from Seinfeld doesn’t like Green Lantern because of that damn ring

Street cred, yo.  ”You talk about the ring, I will bust a cap in your ass”.  That explains the mask that makes him look like he’s about to rob a Liquor store.  Street cred.  Street cred.

I see the green powered tattoo on his arm, there.  I thought it was against the Muslim faith to have tattoos, even if it’s a temporary, green energy powered one?  Maybe he’s a 5 Percenter?  I wonder what happens when Turnip Green Lantern (no swine, my brother, or I will have to shoot you) changes into his uniform, does his ring play Rock Dis’ Funky Joint?

Yeah, that’s it.

He’s not the only new minority superhero who’s packing…

The new Hawkgirl/woman, she gots two gats!

It’s like Oprah is giving away guns to motherfuckers

“You get a gun!”

“You get a gun!”

“You get a gun!”