Black Lightning, his daughters Thunder & Lightning and their (possible) descendants 1,000 + years in the future, twins Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass (Light Lass, Spark) and their evil big brother, Lightning Lord

Why the fuck should black people have white as fuck descendent

 someone  was probably trying to make some statement about how there won’t be racism in the future cause the whole “history is a story of progression nonsense” by whitewashing his descendents. not even gonna hide that narrative behind biracial/light skinned looking niggas. just straight white 

Uh, no, lightning lad and his sister were aliens that look human. They weren’t born with their powers, but got them when attacked by a creature with lightning attacks. Nothing in their story could be that they are descendants for black lightning and his family. Let the black hero’s have something of our own, shit

except lightning lad and his crew are from winath and not descended from Jefferson and his family at all

the fuck is this fandom

the fuck is this


here we go…

I love how some of you took out my earlier comments about how it could be possible for Lightning Lad and Lass in the 31st Century ancestors in the 21st Century being Black Lightning.  There is a long Legion Of Super Heroes history of how Mon-El seeded, with Earth human DNA, the many worlds that would become, by the 31st Century, the United Planets, one of which is the homeworld of Legionnaires Lightning Lad and Lass and their evil big brother, Lightning Lord

Here is what I said in an earlier commentary about how Jefferson Pierce could be a ancestor of Lightning Lad and Lass

Let’s take it to another level; I think that this has been retconned out of the super convoluted history of the LSH, Mon’el being the “seeder” of the various planets of what would become the United Planets in the 31st Century.  Maybe he got to what would become the Ranzz home planet, saw the close distance to the planetoid Korbal and put a little X-Factor in the seeding process that would provide a genetic shield against lightning beasts, in the event that someone came across Korbal.  But since their planet became known for farming, not space travel, the gene became recessive, only to be activated when the Ranzzs got struck.  It’s possible, knowing that on other worlds you have everything from shrinking to magnetic abilities, so this could be possible as well.

Never mind that, in the past, you have had other Legionnaires, Cosmic Boy comes to mind, who were born on other worlds in the future, that could find possible ancestors on 20th Century Earth.

If you knew your comic book history, you would know some of this and not automatically assume that I was attempting some kind of “purification” of black super heroes future with my thoughts on Jefferson Pierce’s future descendants.  Especially when there many minority and black superheroes in the 31st Century, especially the daughter of one of the Tornado Twins, who’s father was The Flash

legionnaire XS

XS—a superhero of color.

Also, many of you who are talking this nonsense about how it couldn’t be possible that black folks couldn’t be ancestors of white folks and vice versa….Really?  You can’t be serious, right? 


The final episode of Young Justice and you couldn’t even team Static up with Rocket as a nod to the old Milestone Universe and a shoutout to the late, great Dwayne McDuffie?  And Icon wasn’t even worth a damn as a lawyer when he got showed up by Ms. Martian and Superboy in getting the Justice League freed on Rimbor.

What a damn waste of great characters.