1,000 American Deaths In Afghanistan

“American troops are dying younger, often fresh out of boot camp, military records show. From 2002 to 2008, the average age of service members killed in action in Afghanistan was about 28; last year, it dropped to 26. This year, the more than 125 troops killed in combat were on average 25 years old.”–New York Times quote

somebody call Paul Hardcastle, stat! We can start cranking out a sequel to “19”;

No, seriously kids, this bites.
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Trooper Fights Paramedics With Patient Still In Ambulance (VIDEO)

Oh gee, I can hear it now, “We were stressed”.  Cops pulling the “I’m stressed from dealing with the dregs of society” card? That never happens.

Hey, I’ve been dealing with jerks, idiots and @ssholes all my life and I’m just talking about relatives. If I went and put a choke hold on somebody, I would expect to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, it should be no different for the officers involved in this nonsense.

Everybody should make sure they’re packing something that can create video so in the event that you get pulled over by “Officer Friendly”, you can get that arsewhippin’ on tape so Keith Obermann can have proper footage to add to his Worse Persons In The World segment.
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Harpo, Who Dis?


When I first saw this picture,  I thought to myself, “Somebody is a little bit overdressed for the Saturday Fish Fry down at the Elks Lodge and they gonna get Louisiana Hot Sause all over them silk suits they got BOGO from K-Momo“.

Turns out that the truth is much, MUCH stranger than fiction.

America, meet Tank Jones and Rex Butler, the personal “Private Detective” and lawyer/publicist/hype man of the Justin Timberlake Of Russian America:

What the trendy White Trash Gangsta will be flossin' dis Poon Huntin' Season

Levi “Holla At Yo Baby Daddy” Johnston.


Yeah, that Levi Johnston.

I’m hatin’ mad at the fact that Levi The Lover got a entourage.  I blame Marky Mark for this.  I guess he need backup to beat all them Cougars offa him.  It’s no real big secret that Levi’s the “other white meat” of choice for the MILF Crowd.

And I don’t want to hear nobody ever tell me that Negroes aren’t adaptable, okay?  Them brothas pimpin’ hard and they ain’t nowhere near the boogie down Bronx or Compton.  Brothas and sistas will go ANYWHERE, okay?

There is no truth to the rumor that these three are going to start a band called Levi & The Land Of The Midnight Sun Band singing their big hit, “I Smashed The Governor’s Daughter So Good(She Done Swore Off Other Eskimos)” a duet with Rihanna.

Thanks to my Earth-3 Baby Momma, Danielle Belton, over @ The Black Snob for the hook up (and making me laugh out loud).