“Ah ha, hush that fuss, Everybody move to the back of the bus! Do you wanna bump and slump with us? We the type of people make the club get crunk”

MLK Translation:

“Oh, yes, cease with your arguments!  If the seating is not for everyone, then we all should move to the rear of the bus for those seats were designated Segregated!  We aren’t here to cause a disturbance, we are more apt to celebrate than to be regulated, would you care to join us in our time of jubilation?  I say it again, we are not here to cause any discourse, we are people who would rather do more pleasurable things.”

101 Pop Culture Signs O’ The Apocalypse #Bootylicious/Badu’s Bucknaked Booty ASSasination Video

In this time of health care reform, Christian militias run amuck, RNC Chairmen being led astray, Demi Moore trying to educate Kim Kardashian…nevermind the usual stuff.  You know, death, taxes, calling black people Negro on the Census form and now

add Erykah Badu getting buck arsed naked and simulating getting shot right in front of the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated to the list.

Have mercy!

I say that, not because of Badu Bootay, I’ve seen that big ol’ Texas Hottentot action plenty of times over the years:

The woman gots Chinese junk in that trunk, that’s for shure and if you’re shocked by the blatent T n’ A, then you’ve must have just arrived here in your hot tub way back machine from 1986, Mr. Peabody.

No,  dropping trou and then simulating being shot right in front of the “x marks the spot” location where JFK was assassinated, now that’s gangsta!

Badu says there was a method to the madness:

Badu told the newspaper (Dallas Morning News) the video was a “protest” and “about liberating yourself,” adding that she chose the grassy knoll intentionally, for its historical significance.I tied it in a way that compared the assassination to the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely, Badu told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s exactly the action I wanted to display.”

Hey, that works for me.  I am a red-blooded American male, I love a nice, attractive looking woman lying butt-naked in front of a national monument just as much as any other guy.   But these folks;

these folks here, these folks might have something a little bit different to say. I know what you’re thinking and usually Red State conservatives wouldn’t give a flying f*ck off a high dive about anything JFK but these folks are so pissed over a black man being President Of The United States the health care bill that they will find ANY “excuse” get their rage on, even if that is to come to the defense of a dead, bleeding heart liberal.  And don’t think that somebody is out there just thinking of a way to trump this?   What if Britney Spears walked up to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, then walked to the spot where MLK was assassinated, took off all her clothes and bent over the railing on the balcony and started singing HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME?

yeah yeah yeah!I’m just sayin’!

I’m sorry, Aunt Gladys!

Was it artistic interpretation or a publicity stunt to get some shine for the new album? I tend to lead towards the former but only Badu and her peoples (marketing staff) know the real deal.

Art or publicity stunt, whatever, I’m just saying that one person’s art is another person’s justification to go jihad on that arse….don’t say that I didn’t warn you.


ETA: As for the song itself? I really like it. Crisp and clean with that goes down easy smooth vibe that you expect from Mama Gun. Hopefully the music will be judged by the sound and not just one video.

101 Signs Of The Apocalypse #411/Cell Phone Elbow & Blackberry Thumb

From the people who brought you ADD, ADHD, PMDD (as if PMS wasn’t enough) and the XFL:

Oh my, could this describe the misery that you’ve been going through, my friend?

It may begin with aching, tingling, numbness, or burning in your hand, forearm, and elbow. Perhaps the elbow pain and other symptoms seem worse when you’re talking on your cellphone (When talking on a cellphone without a headset, the elbow is usually held in an unnatural, flexed position, at an angle greater than 90 degrees) or using a computer. The symptoms may indicate cubital tunnel syndrome, also referred to as “cellphone elbow.” It’s a problem that doctors say they’re seeing more of as people become more reliant on technology, including cellphones and computers.

Do you have *gasp* CTS?!?  Get away from me!  

Less common, but just as troublesome is the so-called “blackberry thumb.” It is a repetitive stress injury from typing on those tiny keyboards.

Holy crap!  If you gots the blackberry thumb, too, then there is no hope for you!  Just take you out back and shoot you.  You’re no good for the gene pool.  If you’re allowed to breed, then you just might pass the Cell Phone Elbow and Blackberry Thumb onto future generations! 


This almost happened in 19th Century with the dreaded Bowie Knife Wrist.

"Oww, I heard something pop, Bowie said as he scalped the Indian brave he had just stabbed in the gut about 14 times."

Blackberry thumb THIS!

Oh I’m sure that after a long day of killing bears and depleting Texas and Louisiana of renegade Indians,

“Oww, I heard something pop, Bowie said as he scalped the Indian brave he had just stabbed in the gut about 14 times.”

Jim Bowie had to ice down his wrists, too.  The history books will tell you that Bowie died fighting for Texas independence from Mexico at the Alamo. 

Jim Bowie/American Hero Or Workmans Compensation Fraud Pimp

Jim Bowie/American Hero Or Workman's Compensation Fraud Pimp

The truth is that the Mexican Government got tired of all those OSHA reports that Bowie kept sending them, trying to get paid for his Bowie Knife carpel tunnel so they decided to give him their answer to his claims in person.  By doing so, they saved us all from the dreaded Bowie Wrist. 

True story.*

*Story not really true.   

What I am trying to say is, Americans have become such Pusses. 



Back in the day, nobody sat around crying about their feet hurting after walking on the Oregon Trail and that badboy wasn’t even paved.  When people in the Donner Party started getting hungry, they didn’t start crying and whining and looking for a Burger King, they sucked it up and started eating one another.  You think General Custer would have let a sore thumb from Tweeting the previous day would have stopped him from looking for some Native American ass to kick at Little Big Horn?  Hell no, because he was a idiot, but also, because he was tough! (nah, I think it was because he was a big asshole who got just what he deserved when the entire Sioux nation just happened to be in attendance the day he wanted to beat down some women and kids.  Custer sucks.)


crying puss

crying puss

When Massa’s wife was holding out or ugly, Massa kept it moving and headed right down to the Slave Quarters, damn skippy!  I’m pretty sure that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have loved to call in sick  the day after the Alabama State Trooper opened up a can of whoop civil rights activists ass on that road from Selma to Montgomery but he didn’t.  He marched not just once but twice after that.

Back in the day, nobody bitched and moaned unless somebody cut off a leg or something.  Now we have Cell Phone Elbow and Blackberry thumb?  Man, we suck!