In The Mix/After Emmys Edition


The only thing greater than Sarah Silverman’s porn mustache…

Silverman Full Length Chris Pizzello…was her fat girl homecoming queen/bride’s maid gear she wore to the show.  Say what you want about her but the bitch brings the funny.  I heart you, Sarah Silverman.

timberlakeIs it me or does Justin Timberlake take over EVERY TV show he appears on?  He’s become the TV equivalent of being Rick-Rolled.

“Don’t look now, sucka, you been Justin-fied!”  I like the guy and hell, he did deserve the Emmy he won for guest hosting Saturday Night Live.  He was on there so much, they should have just skipped the middleman and made him a regular cast member.  So s*it or get off the pot already, SNL, make the dude a regular so he will have one place to go on a weekly basis.  Speaking of over kill:

Let’s pray that there will be no more Kanye’s interrupts jokes for a while, at least until 30 ROCK or LAW & ORDER works it into their shows.

For the record, Kanye did show up at the Emmys a couple of years ago, milking one of his earlier outbursts that he parlayed for free publicity:

Is it me or does Kanye take over EVERY TV show he appears on?  He’s even pulled the Justin-fied on SNL:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

At this point, he’s about as frequent in his outbursts as Lyme Tick disease outbreaks.

SNL, make Kanye a regular cast member, too. Give him a place where he can work off his crazy on a weekly basis, before he winds up causing World War III or something.


One of my favorite shows, MAD MEN, won a second Emmy in a row for best drama and now the world is ready to jump on the bandwagon. And by “the world” I mean Oprah.  Once she and her Soccer Mom Army gets on board, it’s all over for the “underground success” and hello stupid tabloid coverage.

Oprah-with-Jon-Hamm-and-January-Jones-500x333According to the New York Times:

Has the pop-cultural universe just collapsed on itself? The picture you see above is not a Photoshop trick — it’s a scene from a coming episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in which Ms. Winfrey (arguably the most powerful force in daytime television) meets Jon Hamm and January Jones of “Mad Men” (arguably the most popular television series in our minds).

AMC tells us that on Monday, Ms. Winfrey will broadcast a special episode called “The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah Goes Back in Time – The ’60s,” which will feature a 1960s themed set; appearances by Mr. Hamm and Ms. Jones; a performance from “Jersey Boys,” the Four Seasons musical; and a studio audience dressed in period costumes. (Ms. Winfrey is also getting in on the act with an outfit designed by the “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant.)

Yes, even the “Favorite Things” segment will feature what would have been Ms. Winfrey’s favorite items from the 1960s, which we assume will include Utz potato chips, Patio diet soda and salt to put on her ice cream.

This is usually the point when I rip Oprah a new one for her blissful ignoring of certain things like

  • how her ass wouldn’t have been able to afford 60s designer gear
  • the only way if she would have been up on stage at a televison station if she was mopping it after hours
  • or not having some damn Motown represented on the show.

Tell her, Nina!

BUT, this time, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and wait until after the show to diss her.

calra-325x200Maybe the almighty O will have Deborah Lacey, who plays Carla The Maid, on the show to talk about her role AND, most importantly, tell about how her mother was a maid in the 1960s for Bob Denver aka Gilligan of Gilligan Island(!)  Say wha?  Gilligan had a domestic?  Boy, those episodes of the that show would have taken on a whole new meaning if he had one on that island.

I ain't your skipper, sucka and I ain't gonna make you no coconut cream pie either!

I ain't your skipper, sucka and I ain't gonna make you no coconut cream pie either!

Jay-Z may have killed Auto-tune, Jimmy Fallon shut the coffin and buried that bad boy once and for all last night: