Black Hollywood Back In The Day: Mantan Moreland And Moms Mabley On The Bill Cosby Show (1969)




For many people, The Cosby Show is the firmly entrenched in their memories and justifiably so, it is an true American classic.  But I feel that Bill Cosby’s first sit-com, The Bill Cosby Show, should get recognition, not so much because it was as good as The Cosby Show, it wasn’t, but because it has become a nice time capsule into Black Hollywood/Television, circa 1969-70.  A perfect example is the first season’s episode, Lover’s Quarrel, guest starring Black Entertainment legends Mantan Moreland and Moms Mabley.  It’s a great episode, made especially so by Moreland and Mabley’s first scene, a classic five minutes of one liners that only professionals could pull off without breaking a sweat

Memorable quotes for
“The Bill Cosby Show” Lover’s Quarrel (1970)


Uncle Dewey (Mantan Moreland) and Aunt Edna (Jackie “Moms” Mabley)

Aunt Edna: [quarrelling in front of Chet and his girlfriend] Let me tell you somethin’ right now, honey. When a man starts to get old – get rid of him. 
Uncle Dewey: Nothin’ wrong with old men – except old women. 
Aunt Edna: I only stayed with you on the respect for your years. Honey, he done got to the place where all men gets to – can’t do nothin’ – won’t do nothin’ – and don’t want you to do nothin’. 

Chet Kincaid: Can I get you something? Uh, coffee? 
Uncle Dewey: No, I can’t have no coffee. If I have coffee, I can’t sleep. 
Aunt Edna: [quarreling in front of Chet and his girlfriend] Did you hear that man? There’s a man that gets out of breath puttin’ on his pajamas at night. 
Uncle Dewey: Woman, don’t be so simple! 
Aunt Edna: That’s the man who has to take naps, so he can be rested when he goes to sleep. 
Uncle Dewey: I wouldn’t keep my eyes closed so much, if my eyes had somethin’ to look at! You know what that woman look like at night, with all of that grease, and that lotion, and that cream? Why, man, she has to hold on to the mattress to keep from slidin’ out of the bed. 
Aunt Edna: You sittin’ there talkin’ about the way I look? 
Uncle Dewey: You heard me, woman! 
Aunt Edna: Your shadow’s better lookin’ than you! 
Uncle Dewey: You could change your oil every night, but it makes no difference ‘cause the engine is shot! 

Aunt Edna: I may be old, but my lips is in the Atomic Age. 
Uncle Dewey: Woman, I used to stay home from work, just to keep from kissin’ you goodbye! 

Chet Kincaid: [coaching his aunt and uncle to be nicer to each other] You pretend that it’s morning, and you just got up. Now, what do you say to him? 
Aunt Edna: I tell him he snored so loud until it rattled my teeth! 
Uncle Dewey: Then you should keep ‘em in a glass – further from the bed! 
Check out the entire episode below, especially The Bill Cosby Show’s theme song, Hikky Burr, performed by Quincy Jones and the Cos, himself, ad-libbing lyrics, Cosby style

Today’s Proof That Change Has Indeed Come To America…

…Opie Taylor and Donnie Darko rollin’ up to the club on Dubs.
Richie Cunningham The Mack

Richie Cunningham The Mack

In the latest Hype Williams video, for Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s BLAME IT, Foxx flips open his T-Mobile and dials up his Five or Ten or so and the usual suspects naturally answer the call, Samuel L. Jackson, Forrest Whittaker, Morris Chestnut, Bill Bellamy…etc…etc…etc… (because I’m old and can’t see through all that red light ish and it’s a music video and I’m not about to go through every frame of that thing like it was the Zapruder Film).

Now everybody has friends from different walks of life, who, when they are in their element, do their own thing.  But you call them up out of courtesy, even though you know that, more than likely, they aren’t going to accept your invite to do something that’s not their thing.  For example, Ed Begley, Jr. is probably NOT going to hang out with his boy, Michael Vick, when Ron Mexico’s heading out for a night of inhumane dog fighting.  Probably not.  So when the speed dial got around to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ron Howard, you would pretty much think that gettin’ their drank on up in the VIP is not their cup of tea.  Not so fast, my friend. 

According to The Boombox:

“Then during the inaugural [ceremony] I was talking to Ron Howard. I said ‘Ron would you be in a music video? I have the song of the year it’s called ‘Blame It.’ Will you do it?’ He said ‘Sure I’ll do it. Just give me a call.”

At this point, if I’m Jamie Foxx, I’m laughing to myself, thinking, “Yeah, right! So let me see who else I can get up in this thang…”

Foxx used Howard’s appearance as a bargaining tool to bait Whitaker, Gyllenhaal, and Jackson.

I can just imagine the call to Sam Jackson:

Jamie: Yo Sam, can you do my video?
Sam: Naw, motherf*cker!
Jamie: Aww man, come on! Ron Howard said yes.
Sam: N*gga, what? Opie said he’d be in your video? Now this s*it I gots to see!

Now everybody says yes but I know that Jamie wasn’t expecting none of them ballers to actually show up:

They all agreed but the actor/musician admits he didn’t think anyone would actually show.

See? But they did show up. Even with all those stars in the house, they weren’t the biggest star in the video:

Despite all those big names,  the most important cameo for Foxx was his younger sister Deondra Dixon, who has Down Syndrome. Dixon begged her older brother to dance in the video. He agreed, calling her performance “the heart of the video.”

Now that’s right on time.

Let this be a lesson to you kids, You can take the Pimp out of Mayberry but you can’t make him drop that pimp cane. (I don’t know what that means).


There is no truth to the rumors that Hype will be making a music video for the movie FROST/NIXON featuring Akon, Yung Joc and a pimpin’ Frank Langella

or that Ron Howard agreed to co-produce a remake of  BELLY or that he had anything to do with

with this s*it.