James: I got a fan letter, from a young lady. It was a suicide note. So I uh, I called her. I said, ‘Hey this is Jimmy Doohan. Scotty of Star Trek.’ I said, ‘I’m doing a con in Indianapolis. I want you to be there.’ I saw her and, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was definitely suicidal. Somebody had to help her somehow. And obviously she wasn’t going to the right people. Anyhow I said, ‘I’m doing a convention two weeks from now in St. Louis.’ Two weeks from then and something and then she came to New York. And she was able to afford to go to these places. And this went on for two or three years. Maybe eighteen times. And all I did was talk to her, positive things. And then all of a sudden, ZIP. Nothing. I didn’t hear anything I didn’t know what was happening cause I never saved her address. Eight years later I get a letter saying, ‘I do want to thank you so much for what you did for me, because I just got my masters in electronic engineering.’ You know, to me, that’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. And it brings tears to my eyes every time I even talk about the story.



Beautiful, Mr. Doohan.


THE 2009 BET AWARDS/A Black On Black Crying Shame Part 2

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If you take away the segments of the show that actually had anything to do with Michael Jackson being honored, there wouldn’t be much left. I am not including Jamie Foxx’s opening. That was a synopsis of every King Of Pop comedian skit done since MJ was a authentic Negro. Speaking of Negro…

“No need to be sad. We want to celebrate this black man’s — this black man. He belongs to us, and we shared him with everybody else. They talking about what he looks like in the media. It don’t make a difference what he looked like. Am I right? It was all about what he sounded like.”–Jamie Foxx


Um….well? To be honest, I don’t even think MJ liked his own DNA. He was so scared of his kids getting that Tito nose that he didn’t even want his sperm to taint whomever eggs it was that were used to make them kids that he claimed as his. “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”, wasn’t just a song lyric for MJ, that was the way he lived his life, right down to procreation...I’m just saying.

Before Foxx made that comment, it wasn’t nothing but love coming from the media about Jackson. The Race Card Handbook Rule #666 clearly states:

Thou shalt not giveth Fox News thine opening to “goeth there”. Giveth Fox a foot, thine harlots shall taketh a whole damneth football field.

Case in point.

There was a racial cease fire in effect on MJ and Jamie went and blew that one all to hell. I knew it wasn’t going to last forever, I learned my lesson about America joining hands around the fire and singing songs of Peace and that lasting forever after 911. That lasted about three weeks and we were all back to being assholes to one another. But, dammit, Jamie, don’t just invite FOX NEWS in to take a free shot. Make Bill O’Reilly work for that hate spew, man!

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The 2009 BET AWARDS/A Black On Black Crying Shame Part 1…

NOTE: I spent the last few days putting into words how I felt about the travesty “tribute” that B.E.T. claimed they re-vamped their awards show into to pay homage to Michael Jackson. Always skeptical of Black Entertainment Television’s claim to serve black America just because they’re the largest black network in America, I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Stupid me. What follows is a three-part (yeah, I had a lot to say) word spew about my thoughts on the whole affair.–TTS


“Michael Jackson was so important to our world, to our country, to this network.  Michael was truly a musical diety.”–BET Chairwoman Debra L. Lee


BET Awards Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The B.E.T. (Black Embarrassment Entertainment Television) Network found itself in a prime opportunity to pimp their horrible new programming the unenviable position of being the first “major” awards program to be held after the death of entertainment legend, Michael Jackson.

Aw, Hell naw!  I knew that this wouldn't end well...

Aw, Hell naw! I knew that this wouldn't end well...

To quote the late, great, Robin Harris, “It’s not that I’m psychic, I just KNOW”, hot dammit, I just KNEW that this was setting up to be a clusterf*ck of Epic proportions.

Then my feminine side spoke up and check’d my ego, “Man, you are such a hatin’, cynical, just down right grumpy sumb*tch.  You need to quit jumping the gun on everything.  Shut your mouth, for once in your miserable life, and let things play out.  You just might be surprised.”

After the show, I sent that old girl a restraining order.  That b*tch don’t know what the hell she talking about.  She’s been hanging out in me for years.  You hang around an asshole long enough, some s*it is bound to rub off on you.  Anyway…


The BET Awards have been around for 9 years and for the majority of those years, I always found myself wondering the same thing, “Do these motherf*ckerseven watch other award shows?”  It’s like AmateurHour at the local NBC affiliate in Bugtussle, TN.  

You would have thought that no one at BET had ever seen a television camera, teleprompter, sound board or had a cohesive plan on how a show is run.  Just go for it and if it works, eh, it works, what do they care, it’s just B.E.T.  No one but the Negroes watch it and who cares what they really think about us, they’ll just keep watching, because, you know, they’re idiots.

I can take a hint, you could care less what some brotha out there (who’s been out of that coveted 17-34 demograpic that you so want to sucker get to watch your shows).  I had no plans whatsoever to watch the 2009 carnage unfold.  Then MJ passed away and B.E.T. told the world that they were turning their Awards show into a tribute.  Sigh.


We don't kurr, we just here to par-tay....

B.E.T. usually employs the THROW ANY S*IT THAT WILL STICK mentality to these shows and that tactic, along with the “Today’s R&B/Hip Hop Coonery Crowd mixed in, you best believe your sweet arse that you will have some things that will stand out.  This year’s award show was no exception.

BET Awards Insider

The grown ass Negroes in their “formal” T-Shirt and Ball Cap gear, I can tell it’s formal because he ain’t bent his brim.

BET Awards Arrivals

What the hoe, now?  Who’s child is this?  Did you not get the memo?  This is supposed to be classy, girl! Where is the rest of that damn dress!  Come on now, this sh*t ain’t even appropriate when someone hasn’t died, gawd damn, have thee no shame?r836006010

I wondered if Keri Hilston thought that somebody from the movie GREASE had died when I first saw this get up.  I was screaming at the TV screen, SING HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU!  SING HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOOOOOOUUU!

BET Awards Arrivals

I’m still mad at Zoe Saldana’s performance in the latest STAR TREK film, but I was happy to see her and Original Recipe Uhura, Nichelle Nichols at the show.  Even though the bootleg producers and tipsy arsed host, Jamie Foxx, left her hanging when her and Nichelle’s time to step up to the podeum came and nature called Nichelle to the loo to poo.  I guess I can blame it on the alcohol, huh?

BET Awards Insider

If there is a high profile tragedy with mass media saturation, you know the Civil Rights TMZ Squad of Sir Pompedor (Al Sharpton, above) and his absent partner in racial ponzi scheming, Jesse “Baby Grandpa” Jackson will be where the action is, abusing the privilege to get a seat at the festivities.

BET Awards InsiderI rest my case.

BET Awards Press Room

Why is this man smiling….nevermind.

BET Awards Press Room

No truth to the rumors that Jeremy Piven was at the BET Awards researching to take over the Judd Nelson role in NEW JACK CITY II–THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

BET Awards Show

B.E.T. this is your big night and you’re telling me that there was no way you could have locked the fool sporting the BIG ASS CHAIN, in a hall closet or given his driver instructions to keep going past the Watts Towers and then head north until you’re in the city far west than Los Angeles (that would be Reno, Nevada for those of you keeping score…true story, Google it)

pimpisezOf course, no BET Awards show would not be complete with out a pimp sighting…

BET Awards Show

…Or some kind of inappropriation of children, children who shouldn’t be there in the first place.  Ahh, but who gives a rat’s arse, it’s just B.E.T., right?

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