The Dead Are Back Among The Living And They Just Want To Live, Too 2012-12

Revival and In The Flesh



Upfronts 2013


My initial thoughts on the new NBC shows is as follows:

  • The Blacklist: looks pretty damn good.  I’m resisting saying that the rookie agent who the criminal mastermind insists that he will only work with is some long lost daughter…maybe she’s his younger female clone, duh!
  • Ironside: Wow, it’s going to take a lot for me to get used to Mark Sanger in that chair (if you get that reference, then you’re as old as me, welcome to AARP Tumblr, bitch!).  The all new Ironside is Blair Underwood (with that motherfucking smoldering ass voice, I hate his ass) now has sex appeal (I don’t know what they talking about, Ironside ALWAYS had sex appeal, Raymond Burr could have totally got it!).  Now Ironside is in NYC instead of classy San Francisco in the original series.  So much for sex appeal. 
  • Sean Saves The World: Some people want to watch the world burn, some of those people obviously work at NBC and selected this nonsense for their fall schedule.  Horrible. I couldn’t get through the preview, seriously NBC, you cancelled Go On and somehow green lit this pile of projectile vomit? Easily the worst of this bunch and, from the looks of that trailer, the worst TV show this side of Homeboys From Outer Space.  Damn, Gina. image
  • Welcome To The Family: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Pregnant: The Latino Remix Meets Modern Family. Lame. Only reason I think this has a shot is because the cast, led by Mike O’Malley, Ricardo Chavira, Justina Machado and Mary McCormack, is outstanding and could overcome the “you can see them coming from outer space like large meteors” plots.
  • Dracula: This thing had Downton Abbey reeking all over it from the first second of the preview.  Guess who’s behind this?  Combined with the dude who made Henry VIII sexumal (is that a word?  Like you care, you’re already in thrall of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Me?  I see that Drac’s sidekick, Renfeld is now a sidekick Negro, thanks Affirmative Action! Wee.  No lie, he reminded me of Desmond Pfeifferthat ain’t a good look, yo.
  • The Michael J. Fox Show:  I love MJF so much that I used initials instead of his name.  Yeah, he got it like that. Glad to see he’s back on TV in a regular series, he’s been killin’ it in various guest spots on other shows for years since he scaled back on the work since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  In this show, he plays up his illness for comic effect (you know some assholes will have a problem with that, eh, fuck them, let MJF be great, motherfuckers, eat candied shit, tricks).  But I can understand the hesitation to laugh at such situations, PC Assimilation being the bullshit that it is but you will be laughing by the end of the preview for the show, trust me kids.  (Sidebar:  Wendell Pierce is in the cast for the show.  I dare not call him a sidekick Negro.  Dude will kick my ass, I’ve read too many of this tweets and he yelled at me in one of them, he didn’t call me an asshole but he might as well done it.  You ain’t lived life until Bunk Moreland has shown his disgust of you in a tweet.  What was it about?  Oh, something I said about the New Orleans Saints, Pierce’s favorite team.  I was actually giving the Saints props and he shit all over my comments lol.  Fucking Saints fans, they win one damn Super Bowl and they think they’re Jesus. Um.  what was the question?)


Sonequa Martin-Green, looking like a young Angela Bassett, showing some acting chops and having a good ass agent has parlayed into roles on two of the most high profile shows on television, The Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time.  

On The Walking Dead, she is Sasha, the sister to Tyreese and, seeing that her character wasn’t  in the original comic that the show is based upon and she really doesn’t have much to do except stand around and look exhausted  I have a feeling she’s not long for that world

She is much better on Once Upon A Time in the role of Tamara, a mysterious (bad) woman on the hunt for magic in the world and hitting the jackpot in a major way.  

Sonequa Martin-Green’s IMDB bio


See that growing all over the fucking place like crazy?  It’s called Kudzu and if you’re watching The Walking Dead, you’re not seeing much of it and well, you should be seeing it, a whole lot of it.

Remember that great History Channel show, Life After People?  They would tell you every week how vegetation wouldn’t fuck around with a mourning people period, fuck a wake, before it reclaimed the Earth.  

This is how Wrigley Field, five years with no one to check the vines in the outfield, would look

That’s just one punk assed vine in a baseball park in a city with harsh winters, Just imagine what a vine that can go buckwild within months, in a mild climate, without people to check it, could do

The ATL, where The Walking Dead is set, is qround zero for kudzu and three years into the zombie apocalypse, kudzu should be making Atlanta its bitch. 

Kudzu should be right up there with the zombies as a major threat.  Think about it, if kudzu has covered all the roads, you’re in trouble trying to get somewhere. And how about those slow moving, chopped in half zombies you always see on the show?  


Kudzu could grow over them and cover them up and then your happy ass is just walking along when CHOMP, game over, son.

Just saying!  

Kudzu is like the honey badger, it don’t give a fuck, it just does what it motherfuckin’ wants. 

Kudzu-The Vine