The final episode of Young Justice and you couldn’t even team Static up with Rocket as a nod to the old Milestone Universe and a shoutout to the late, great Dwayne McDuffie?  And Icon wasn’t even worth a damn as a lawyer when he got showed up by Ms. Martian and Superboy in getting the Justice League freed on Rimbor.

What a damn waste of great characters.  


I’m Seeing People Complain That Rocket Was “Sassy” But…


….Rocket IS sassy.

No, Rocket isn’t “sassy” nor was she ever “sassy”.  Rocket has always been a mature, intelligent young woman.  Let’s not mistake her “swagger” for “sassy”, two different things.  

She didn’t even sound the same throughout the episode.  She sounded one way with her teammates but more respectful when she talked to Icon, I liked that.  

Now Icon was the one who I thought sounded a lot like Martian Manhunter, I hope that’s fixed in later episodes.

Also, I thought there was a major missed opportunity.  When Ms. Martian revealed her true form and spoke of how White Martians were mistreated due to their color, it would have been way cool for Rocket to step to her in understanding and a way to cement how much she has in common with her comic book character but I figure the scene was more for Ms. Martian and Superboy, so it’s no big quibble.