Hey, what’s up, party people? I’ve been down for a minute, paying those bills, you know how it is. Cute don’t pay the rent, do what I gotta do, yadda, yadda, yadda, I ain’t telling you nothing that you don’t already know.

I’ve will get to that Purple Rain/Do The Right Thing breakdown that I promised last week as well as some other things that I’ve got cooking, including my first interview with a “Hollywood” up and comer.  I’m looking forward to that. 

First up, however, have to show some MJ respect/love.  I still got a rancid taste in my mouth over the BET AWARDS “Tribute” to The King Of Pop.  I’ll get to that, trust.  Right now, I want to show a clip from the talented, underrated R&B songstress (not diva, I hate that term the way it’s currently used, so I won’t use it), Sy Smith. 


I been a Sy Smith fan since her GLADLY single came out back in the 20th Century and her sweet cover of Edie Brickell’s WHAT I AM was featured on THE PJs (remember that show?) soundtrack.  A true Soul Survivor in this wack age of “Today’s R&B”.

She’s paying homage to the King Of Pop, singing his SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GO and reminincing over meeting him back in May of this year.  Sure could have used her at the B.E.T. Awards “MJ Tribute”.  Sigh.

Anyway, check this out; Very nice (oh, also some vulgarity, I know that some Red States/Holier Than Thou Folx frown upon such outward displays of “abuse of the First Admendment”, people saying things that they fear may turn their kids into liberals or something, so turn down those speakers if you don’t want anyone to hear grown folks cussin’.  The B.E.T. Awards censor, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind.)

Check Out Sy’s latest video, FLY AWAY WITH ME from her album CONFLICT:

File This Under GTFO

PETA calls out Obama for killing a fly


I can’t make s*it like this up.  The Al Sharpton of activists groups is at it…again.  This time, they’re calling out the President himself for dealing with a pesky housefly “The Chicago Way”:

“You buzz the President Of The United States, you gotta go.”

But these glorified ambulance/free pub chasers swooped in and started their ol’ whine n’ cry routine:

Peta spokesman Bruce Friedrich said: “We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals.  We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals.”

Cue The Carpenters:

Oh, shut up, PETA. The President took out a frackin’ fly, he didn’t go out a club a baby seal

baby seal killer

"Boy, some PETA to block would sure be good right about now"

I see what the “problem” is, the President trashed talked about it afterwards.  He should have just pounded it and kept it moving like Dirk Nowitzki did:

I swear, you PETA assholes would probably get more respect if you didn’t spend so much time trying to work your way into high profile situations. I know that there’s a puppy mill out there that sure could use an assist from you fuc*ers, go handle that and quit fuc*in’ with people about killing a damn house fly, you puss-es.

Speaking of puppy mills, you have to bet that Mike Vick screamed out “OH COME ON” when NFL player Donte’ Stallworth got only 30 days for killing a man by hitting him with his car that he was driving while tipsy.

Stallworth, 28, received the sentence after pleading guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge for striking and killing Mario Reyes while driving drunk March 14 in his black 2005 Bentley. The athlete also reached a confidential financial settlement with the family of the 59-year-old construction worker.

Without the plea deal, the DUI manslaughter conviction could have netted Stallworth 15 years in prison. After his release from jail, he must serve two years of house arrest and spend eight years on probation. The house arrest provisions will allow him to resume his football career, his attorney said.

Whoa. That’s deep. Every black man on the planet probably asked the same question: “Who is this new Johnny Cochran?”

Stallworth with his mother and lawyer Christopher "If The Car Didn't Intentially Hit, You Must Plea Bargain It" Lyons

Stallworth with his mother and lawyer Christopher "If The Car Didn't Intentially Hit, You Must Plea Bargain It" Lyons

Stallworth’s attorney, Christopher Lyons, said the financial settlement was only one factor in the plea agreement. He noted that Stallworth stopped immediately after the accident, called 911 and submitted to roadside alcohol testing despite spending most of the night drinking at a swanky Miami Beach hotel.

After a night drinking at a bar in Miami Beach’s Fountainebleau hotel, police said Stallworth hit Reyes, a construction crane operator who was rushing to catch a bus after finishing his shift around 7:15 a.m. Stallworth told police he flashed his lights in an attempt to warn Reyes, who was not in a crosswalk when he was struck.

Stallworth had a blood-alcohol level of .126 after the crash, well above Florida’s .08 limit. Stallworth stopped after the crash and immediately told officers he had hit Reyes. Police estimated Stallworth was driving about 50 mph in a 40 mph zone.

“He acted like a man,” Lyons said. “He remained at the scene. He cooperated fully.”

You tell’em, son!  That’s some mighty fine lawyerball you playin’ there, boy!

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle echoed Lyons in citing Stallworth’s lack of previous criminal record, cooperation and willingness to accept responsibility as factors in the plea deal. Rundle also said the Reyes family—particularly the victim’s 15-year-old daughter—wanted the case resolved to avoid any more pain.

“For all of these reasons, a just resolution of this case has been reached,” Rundle said.

Now OJ sitting in jail, mad when he probably could have plea bargained his way out of some jail time had he had Christopher Lyons for his lawyer.

Seriously,  this is just another example of how the green:


trumps Race

jacksonsharptonIf you got enough of  the green and if you don’t catch the ire of the likes of PETA.

He ran over a person, not a kitten.

Don’t you let PETA hear you saying that, ain’t that right, Fantasia?

ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!

ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!

Where’s your outrage over this, PETA? People are animals, too!

I rest my case...

I rest my case...

And here’s a toast to LA Laker Fan for being opportunistic and going on a looting spree in this economy.


That’ll show that fly-killing President that we shall be heard.  You stay classy, L.A.

You idiots.

Tyrese Gibson: You Big Dummy

Tyrese, how you gonna act like that?

Picking the middle of the American National Anthem to announce your favorite basketball team, is not the right time or place, Tyrese Gibson.


Even Roseanne had the sense not to mess with the lyrics:

Yeah, it was a clusterf*ck, but she didn’t f*ck with the lyrics.

Musiq Soulchild even forgot the lyrics:

But he didn’t try to change them up…

Man,  I don’t know what you were thinking, but I bet your ass knows better now, huh?

During Game 5 of the Playoffs last week, Tyrese Gibson decided to change the words of the National Anthem — and now he realizes what a colossal mistake that really was.

Here's A Toast To The Fool

Here's A Toast To The Fool

Before I start getting those “Well, It ain’t OUR National Anthem” comments, the official ChubbyAfro “Pre-Please Shut The F*ck Up” is in effect.

I’ll be damned if it isn’t OURS, too! Way too many black folks endured tremendous bulls*it for assholes like Tyrese Gibson to even be allowed to sing the song in public and even f*ck it up without being hauled off and lynched from the nearest tree. Nevermind that he pulled this caper a couple of days after Memorial Day, it was just stupid and selfish. When it comes to something as sacred to ALL Americans, don’t grab the frackin’ mic and start giving shoutouts to your favorite team, your homeboys, your baby momma and to all the brothas on lock down. Sing the damn song and take go sit your ass down somewhere.

CHECK THIS OUT/Great Star Spangled Banner rendtions

The coolest rendition ever….

Whitney’s version still chokes me up.  She was at her peak here….

And there’s my girl, Fantasia Barrino singing it at a NASCAR event.  I would have loved to see Tyrese pull that stunt here…it wouldn’t have ended well, at all.

ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!

ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!

One Extra–Ray Charles singing AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

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The Sound You Hear Is MLK & Mahailia Jackson Spinning In Their Graves Because…


The last thing McDonalds commerical need to be is MORE Ghetto-riffic.

How much you want to bet that by this time next week, this bunch will be all over newscasts across the country and the lead singer will be signing a contract to be the Anti-Jared Fogel.

Between this and  the Great Fried Chicken Scandal of  2009, hood food stock is doing better than GM and Chrysler combined.


Da da da da da …McCoonin’ it!

I’m putting all my money in RapSnacks and Hot Link futures, maybe the Luther, too.

What will be the next ghetto snack in the spotlight?

What will be the next ghetto snack in the spotlight?

I can hardly wait to see what some brotha or sista will be on youtube dancing it up and just generally acting a damn fool over some food, acting like it’s 1865 and Massa’s having a “Y’all’s Free” After Slavery Party” and it’s all you can eat Fried Chicken Night, too.

Remember back in the late 20th Century, when this kind of hot ghettoness was confined to CITA’S WORLD and Ja-Rule videos?   Damn you cell phones with video cameras and e-machine laptops!