SheZow is about a boy named Guy who puts on a magic ring that turns him into the superhero, SheZow, who had previously always been girls/women (her transformation phrase is “You Go, Girl!” so, yeah.)  

A lot of reports have said that SheZow is transgender.  Actually, SheZow would be considered a “transsexual”  According to the show’s creator, Obie Scott Wade:

“SheZow is not transgendered. He’s a boy, his gender never changes, he’s just trapped in a silly costume.”

So there’s that.

No, that would make him a crossdresser. How the fuck did you get “Transsexual” from what obie scott wade said?

I should have said “cross-dresser”.  Sorry.  You calm the fuck down with all that motherfucking cussing, though.